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Unique Ceramic Pieces Designed and Created by Francis River in Los Angeles.

I love the freedom of clay and the ability to change ideas and create new shapes with intuition. I want my work to be bright and happy and radiate joy, not only in the ceramic piece itself, but also in the joy of making. I also try to keep a natural richness to each piece, capturing the natural happenings in firings, as well as creating natural forms.

I simply love bright colors and aim to make work that reflects our time. I experiment with thick glazes that gloop, ooze, and crawl in the firing process. Clay constricts when fired and can carck depending on its construction, and I like to play with these individual qualities and create colorful expressions based on the identity of the clay and glazes. I think pieces become more interesting the less perfect they are. 

All my work is handmade.


Craft Comtemporary, Los Angeles, CA. September 7th 2019


2018 / Craft & Folk Art Museum 


2019 / Voyage LA

Instagram: @francis_river